To EGR or not to EGR, that is the question….

When you wish upon a star....We bid adieu to the Surf Coast of Cocoa Beach and Disney’s cruise shipRon Jon surf shop... and the largest surf shop in North America with cool black tip sharks in their indoor aquarium. 

Black tip shark in Ron Jon's tankWe have now arrived at the Thompson Memorial Park in south Miami.  A beautiful state park within the city.  They have camping pods and pads.   Not to confuse the two.   A Pod is a circle of campers.  A Pad, well you know, where you park your camper.  Quite well organized and maintained.  Jack and Cate are adapting well to the 80 degree daily temperatures which dip to a low of 60 at night.


I know, most of you reading this are in a freeze right now and having lived in the Arctic in a previous life, we can empathize but today,  we are enjoying these temps.   We have also rented a car for 3 weeks to take to the Keys with us and to get around Miami to see the sights and sounds.  We were warned that it is not a good idea to ride a motorcycle at night time in most places in Miami with out of state plates so we got the car.

But to the EGR thing.  While enjoying the drive down from Cape Canaveral we were almost to our campsite on the Florida Turnpike when our Cummins diesel went into what they call “regeneration mode”.   Now this is one of the major reasons we purchased a new rig with this type of diesel engine.  It captures and re-burns 95% more of the exhaust fumes(particles) than a standard diesel engine.  This means if you stand behind the coach you cannot smell or detect diesel when it is running.   The exhaust system re-burns the particles every so many 1,000’s of miles into harmless ash.

When the regeneration was completed, the computer should clear itself but !!…..  we heard all kinds of alarms, lights and even our radio cut out so that we could hear the alarms even louder.  Codes started to show up on the computer readouts, like Greek to us.  Get off the turnpike is all we could concentrate on in case something drastic was going to happen. 

Take the next exit and into a Chevron station.   Tracy carefully copied all the codes for me and I trundled off in search of a phone.  Call to Spartan and within minutes I had the answer.   Nothing is going to fall off and we can continue on to our campground.  It is possibly the EGR valve?  Whenever we have had a coach issue with the engine or chassis we have been treated very well by Cummins/Spartan.  I digress……..

This valve is within the regeneration system and may not be functioning properly.(feel like the space shuttle)  Now two days and a few phone calls later and tomorrow we pack up the campsite and leave for Ft. Lauderdale and the Cummins shop for a look see and repairs.  Big difference between owning a car and these rigs,  not a lot of repair facilities that can handle the big rigs.  So if it is the EGR valve (again whatever that is)  we will be ready to travel to the Keys for Christmas.   We may have to return if they need parts but hey…….better fixed now than later and our schedule,  well we believe it is wide open…………  :o)


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