Apollo 8 and beyond

A couple of days ago we arrived down Astronaut Drive to Port Canaveral, past Cape Canaveral where shuttlesDisney_Big red boat and rockets disappear into the bright blue skies & deep space. We had planned two days here as we make our way down to Miami and then the Florida Keys. The big red Disney Cruise ship has just left playing “when you wish upon a star” on its ships horns.

Port Canavaral beachheadThe campground we are in is run by the Port Canaveral Port Authority and comes with everything except sewer hook-ups and no internet. We can usually last 3 days before we have to unhook and empty the holding tanks. We have now also decided to stay until Monday and with daytime temps in the mid 80’s encouraging us to linger. Massive rain storm this morning and afternoon caused it to be an ‘inside’ day for all of us including the pups, except for the quick pee run out and in again which Jack has won almost every time……. We are back on the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches which are just over the dunes.

Nasa sign in courtyardCape Canaveral and the Kennedy NASA Space Center is just a few miles away and carries quite the museum onastronaut_john_fabian space travel past, present and future. While walking the pups and looking up at the moon last night I was thinking, we had been on the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown in Charleston, SC. The crew had picked up the astronauts from Apollo 8 who had launched from this very area. Corny but appropeau. The moon seems to look closer from here, maybe that’s why they put the launch pads here….. just joking.

Tracy walks with the Astronauts of Apollo 11


We’ve had the chance to travel with the astronauts on a Shuttle Launch, climb in and out of capsules, listen to a great talk from Challenger and Discovery Shuttle astronaut John Fabian. Without enough time in a day we will return to the center within the next few days to finish the tour. Today the shuttle Endeavour returned on the back of a 747 from Edwards AFB in California. Weather prevented it from landing over the past weekend. Places like this make you feel small….




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