Happy Birthday to Jack

Merry JackThis is Jack before being rescued (skinny and stitched up) weighing in at 900 grams).
Jacks first bath...Jack and Murray broom tug 4 monthsJack the little beggarJack at 3Jack at 4

Of course this is Jack now, yep 6 years later and out of the hands of the SPCA…

Jacks birthday mug shot

I must admit I am very lucky to be so cute and have only Jack’s mug to compete against….but soon enough I will get to be really old and have to face it, but until then, I am cuter!!

Jack retorts….. Whatever you thin thing you, at least in the rain and wind storms I don’t get blown across the road and into a bush, like you did today…. and besides I can always run faster scared then you!”


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