It takes a lot of teamwork to

……make this trip of ours a great reality. From Kirk and Karen taking care of the home fires at the condo. Our daughter Leesa taking care of banking and it helps that she is in the business. Delphine and Frank taking care of culling and forwarding the mail for us. Trudy and Harold being there to help with RV and medical information.

Family and friends we have visited taking the time to make sure we have what we need, don’t miss a local attraction or just sit a spell and visit. Surely we have missed a name or two.

Well wishes along the way as we receive emails of support and suggestions of where to go and how to get there…literally. RV forums, on-line magazines and other blogs supplying technical, mechanical, RV sites and local information. Medical appointments and prescriptions to obtain, even vet issues for the pups, like Jacks latest injury.still cleaning

Cape_Canaveral_cleanupYesterday it took the two of us 5+ hours to wash and clean the outside of the bus. Just as if you were taking care of your place at home. House cleaning inside is also a weekly affair along with laundry. Exercising the pups when you are restricted to certain areas of a park or site. So there have been a lot of 1 a.m. walks (off-leash) when everyone is tucked away in bed. Jack and Cates health is important to us as well.outside_bookwork


Bookkeeping_on_the_roadBanking and budgeting on the road takes a few hours a week in a business like atmosphere. After all, the economy affects you and us the same. Discussing, rethinking where to go, where to stay and costs. Funny, just like home.

We mention this just to remind ourselves that although it is a dream trip there is a bit of reality and a lot of teamwork involved and we appreciate everyone’s help….. We raise a glass and toast all of you!


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