Disney World, the sequel…epilogue

Spending three days and nights at this unique campground and off to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Christmas spectacular.You probably can’t believe it but Ewen has never been to any Disney either East or West coast.We’ve been to Europe but missed that one too.

Not this time.Got the picture of the 10th birthday with a new bike and Mickey ears.Don’t know where the ears came from but still have’m to this day.Tracy has been to Disney World about 25 + years ago (not giving away any ages you notice)….

Da boatWe caught the shuttle bus to the boat launch.A 15-minute boat trip across the lake to theMagic Kingdom entrance Magic Kingdom.Paid $120.00 US to get in, and we’re off.Books, photos and stories don’t pay it justice.We can see why people bring their families back again and again.

We wandered in awe after taking the Disney steam train around the whole property twice, just ‘cause we could.Took on Tunnel Mountain, It’s a small world, the Disney parade on Main street, the Horse Carousel, Jungle Book river tour, the Haunted Mansionand Space Mountain roller coaster before running out of night.Even after all these years together I didn’t know Tracy could scream that loud.For those that know, the longest wait we had for a ride was 8 minutes!Is that great or what!Take a ride with us on Thunder Mountain …


The night transformed the Magic Castle from blue into a mystical Ice Castle.The pictures can’t begin to describe the beauty.Back through the crowds that got bigger at night we made our way down Main street, the souvenir shops, restaurants and snack bars back to the boat and our ride home.Time did fly and 5 hours, although enough for a walking tour was not enough to take it all in.

Disney World steam trainLoading on Thunder MountainMagic CastleIce Magic CastleThe night crowdsEntrance at night

As we leave the Magic Kingdom and Fort Wilderness it wouldn’t be a tour unless the coach got its own souvenir antenna topper, Mickey with his wizard hat to protect us on the remainder of the trip…Maybe we should!

Antenna topperEars on antenna


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