Disney World…unlike anything we’ve ever seen….

Disney World Lions & tigers & bears, oh my!?!?! Arrived from a short drive to Disney Fort WildernessWorld and Fort Wilderness Campground. Just imagine, campsites in the middle of Disney World south of Orlando. Comparable to campsites you’d find in any British Columbia Provincial Park. With the exception of a cost difference of about $75.00 (Cdn) more per night for full hookups.

The sights and sounds are Disney as are the campers. If you have been to Disney before and have never camped this is an experience. Golf carts abound with Christmas lights and Christmas tunes playing while passing by. Some would rival floats at Macy’s Christmas parade. Outside heated pool, golf course, sauna, spa, Wilderness Lodge, if you forgot your coach…. :o) Free shuttles to everything and all the 4 Disney sites. Even a boat, which we took, to the Magic Kingdom front gates! No parking hassles.

While walking the loop we were camping in we were stopped by a lady who thought we had her dog. We went back to her site to meet Stacy, a pup that looked exactly like Jack right up to the colouring. Stacy was rescued by the couple in Pensacola, Florida 5 years previous. Missed a photo chance but we are not sure if Jack’s dad got around?

Everything here is geared to your happiness and enjoyment. The employees can’t be more helpful and as soon as a piece of paper hits the ground it’s picked up. Street sweeping happens every second day. Even management we spoke to and saw carried around what I call an upper shelf picker with a grip so they could pick up anything on the ground and put it in the garbage.Disney site rear

Disney SiteNo Wi-Fi internet at the sites, only 3 areas in the total 400 + campsite (and building more) where you could access the internet. No weekly or monthly rates? When you could get on it was $9.95 per day ($12.00 Cdn). If you didn’t pay it off each day at the check-in it rolls over each day you are there until you leave, whether you use it or not. Another user warned me. Most expensive yet and not worth the cost.Jack's lookalike sisters campsite

We found the people in the grounds that were traveling to be quite friendly and proud of their Mickey displays, and yes this photo is just one site that was lit up.

Daffy and friend under Cates watchful eyesTwo resident ducks always at the pool at night continually amazed us swimming around in the chlorine. They caught Cate’s attention every night, and would have had a run for the their money if she had the chance.


Got in some motorcycle riding around the area with the weather cooperating making the days even more enjoyable.disney_mc_main_entrance

We did find however that the campground was a bit of a prison for the dogs. One dog run, which you needed a car to get to, not allowed on the shuttles. Couldn’t walk more than ½ a km away from the campsite before the signs declared, no pets past here or there.

So, I got me a pair of rollerblades in an attempt to run some steam off of Cate and put me in some semblance of physical fitness. Two knee braces and wrist guards and we’re off….


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