When alligators attack…..not!!

Pre-reading is good....

Planning is the key, we can beat these guys, and all it takes is preparation. Pre-reading is good.


 I have this stuffed snake reptile to practice on, as you can see I attack without hesitation. Shake, don't stir...Shake, shake, rattle and shake some more. Don’t give any quarter…

 Then grab it by the head...forcefully Okay, now here we are waiting at the sign that says to be aware and very afraid. Don’t feed Alligators, I get that, Cats, of course what a waste of food, now Raccoons and Possums? I suppose they can’t be any tougher andJack....Jack!! we’re ready for them… What’s that running across the road? Hard to tell in this light and all the palm and bush. Let’s go Jack, we’re ready….. It’s our duty to protect….. Jack oh, c’mon they went this way…Jack!!


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