When good GPS’s go bad

Reminder to self, don’t drive on the Sunday following Thanksgiving in the U.S. if you can avoid it. Driving from Charleston, SC to Jacksonville, Florida on interstate 95. 25-35 mph for almost 3 hours. We thought construction, no, accident, no, road check, no just traffic. So instead of having to set up in the dark we decided to fuel up and stay overnight at a Flying J truck stop in Brunswick, Georgia. Can you find us in the picture….. tighter quarters than a discount RV park.


I digress. Next morning on to Jacksonville and a very popular state park. GPS tells us the usual, turn here, recalculating…turn here, recalculating…… keep right, recalculating. Now turn right on Barker and enter ferry line-up! You guessed it, no ferry on our travel plans, least not this day. Looked at each other and discussed the idea and we decided together to take the ride. $5.00 for 10 minutes. Before boarding the ferry employee tells us, you’ll have about 3″ total on each side to clear the sides of the ramp, if you’re still interested other wise it’s only 45 minutes back to the bridge. Here’s the pictures and the rest is history…… bad GPS, Bad!

Tight squeeze... but note palm trees! Tighter....tighter Tighter and notice no direction from deck hand...... jacksonville_fl_ferry_front


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