Hello……I’m stuck here

It wouldn’t be a day in the south without hearing about the Clemson vs USC football game today, north of here.  The campground is abuzz with sites brandishing banners, flags and tents of the RVer’s favourite team.  They say the kickers will make the difference in today’s game but of course we’re betting on whoever wins, of course.

Made it to Patriots Point yesterday and we were wowed again by the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier and the USS Clamagore submarine alongside.uss_yorktownApollo 8 capsuleUSS_Yorktown_bridge

The history of these big ships including battles in WWII and Vietnam.  Being able to walk where the astronauts of Apollo 8 walked when they were plucked out of the sea by the Yorktown crew in 1968.  Sit in the seats where pilots took their briefings prior to missions or where the captain sat while following his daily routine or in battle.Hangar_deckPilot_ready_room




Of course we couldn’t miss out on taking a tour below the water line on the submarine docked with the Yorktown.  There has to be weight and size restrictions on these boats.  We can’t complain about small toilet space on an RV when you see theirs,  all 2 of them for 80 + crew.   Tracy made her way through the tight corridors……….

Tracy makes it look easy and then came me, hello…… Hello...I'm stuck here


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