Tracy and I have separated…

We suppose that if you spent the last couple of years with each other renovating day in and day out.  Then the past months travelling in a vehicle less than 400 sq ft at its largest point that it would be inevitable.

Yesterday, just before the American Thanksgiving it happened.  We went our separate ways.  I left for a medical walk-in clinic and she enjoyed the day with the sunshine and pups. 

Bet you were thinking other wise right!  It’s an old joke, you know my wife and I separated, she’s at home I’m here…..  Just wanted to see if you are paying attention and guess you were.

To top it off,  we were lucky today.  We entered their lottery at the campsite for the 3 empty sites that weren’t claimed overnight and won a chance to stay if we like.  We have chosen to stay but have to move James Island choo choospots.   Although it has been very cool at night, low 30’s and daily highs of 55 F (1 to Our park12 C) there is still a lot to do and see.  The Festival of Lights has the whole of James Island County Park lit up with award winning lights for the Christmas season.  We have taken a ride around the park on their Santa train…..  sometimes we forget how much fun it is to be that small and lighthearted.  

Jack says,  I miss the beaches and being able to walk across the road into other peoples rigs.   Not that I did that the other day or nothin’ ,  they shouldn’t leave their door open if they didn’t want the company.  But seriously,  this being on a short leash isn’t that great and Cate just can’t keep her beak shut…

You short snouted little mutt,  what makes you so special.  If I recall you had some “rage” Do I get my treat now?issues…. it took you years to get over yourself and mellow out.  I just don’t know why I bark and bark and bark,  you know, go Aussie.   People move too fast and bikes and scooters and cars all need to be herded in the right direction….. I’m working on it, give me a break.  Even the Dog Whisperer isn’t perfect,  I am trying to get into the season…

Whatever Cate….I’m suppose to tell you again  Gas is $1.69 US gal ( .44 cents/litre) and diesel is now $2.72 US gal ( .71 cents/litre)

Happy Thanksgiving


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  1. Is that the book Cate’s reading in the background of that (completely hilarious) Christmas Cate picture? Is it helping?

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