Renovations with a little TLC…

I can't believe how cheap property is here....!!For those of you who don’t know, we have done quite a few renovations in our time. Having finished two years of renovating our home in Kelowna while living in it was one of the tests of our relationship prior to this trip…. :o) Once you live in a renovation for such a long time it’s either, “you’re there for life” or “get out while you can.” We got out and here we are.

There is a television show of home renovations on TLC and previously on A&E featuring Guess who in the windows reflection??Richard Davis and his assistant Ginger Alexander and crew called, ‘Flip this House’ with Team Trademark Properties. So of course while most people would be seeing the historic sights, we went visiting Richard and crew at Trademark Properties in Charleston. Unfortunately they were off shooting an episode prior to Thanksgiving. We got to see the offices and what eveyone gets to see on TV. No pictures inside though….. the southern accents are real and the hospitality is too!

Another one for the “bucket list”!………


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