Charleston, charleston…….everybody do the Charleston!!

With Jack and Cate nice and sandy after our last walk on the beach, (which we will certainly miss)  we’re off  down Hwy. 17 to Charleston from Myrtle Beach, SC.   Made a few acquaintances and learned a bit about a lot when it comes to RVs and personal opinions on manufacturer’s, campsites and service centers.  Put those away for another day’s posting.

To the local chiropractor for some straightening out and off-load the motorcycle as this is a day for riding!  Tracy takes up the drivers seat on the coach with me in pursuit on the bike.  Ride 97 miles & you can learn a lot.  Like how lucky we are to be in such a position in our lives to be traveling, over such an extended period.

We mention this as we passed several small villages, towns today that show such abject poverty.  Homes with windows boarded up with cardboard, selling baskets and wooden boxes at roadside.   Cars, lots of cars stacked beside each other in driveways as if waiting for another chance to go, if they could only find rims and tires.  Yet we received several waves and smiles and yep, some frowns.   Stopping for fuel I was approached at the pumps for change or a cigarette.  Didn’t want one of my cigars…oh well.

Onward to Charleston and the James Bay County campground.  What a beautiful park.  This time of year heralds in the Festival of Lights with 3 miles of roadside and hanging displays.   If you are staying here they are free to see.  If you are driving through it’s gonna cost you $10.  Well worth the time and money.  Even most of the campers have Christmas trees/or lights in their rigs or on their lots.

cooper_river_charlestonCrossing the Cooper River into Charleston Tracy lost me in traffic but check out this bridge. charleston_bridge_night Tracy says she didn’t want to look down and kept going (focusing straight).  Another amazing sight.  We’re here until American Thanksgiving and since there is no room at the campsite on Thanksgiving we will hit the road once more in search of yet warmer weather and some turkey.

Did I mention it was a great day for a motorcycle ride…..


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