Calling all bird watchers….. feather and metal

Since we spoke earlier about the different birds here, like the blue herons, pelicans (you know the beak holds more then the bellican,,) trumpeter swans, cormorants, egrets, owls (big owls), white ibis and of course the gulls. As a matter of fact there are many metal birds that seem to fill the skies over Myrtle Beach,,,,,

brown_pelicanwhite_Ibisgreat_blue_heronEgretDean_Sammy_FrankUral_owlour friend the heron

Osprey, Eagles, Wart Hogs, Hercules………the metal kind that have entertained us for the past couple of weeks as well from the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing, Myrtle Beach Air Force Base here and in Charleston, even the newest International fighter the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter which is stationed for testing in South Carolina which can hover. (look at the country flags on the fuselage) The C-17 Globemaster is to be Canada’s newest air transport. They have given us our own amazing personal air show. All have flown over the campsite while we’ve been here… at times so often and low that Tracy felt she was in a DMZ……

black_hawk_liftairforce_ospreyc17_bankingf22_overheadf35c_130_overheadUS Sea Kingwart_hog - A-10A Thunderbolt II

So we would like you to see what an Osprey looks like when it is coming in for a landing right above us yesterday……


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