Button hook pattern…. on three.

First off thank you for all the well wishes about Jack. Poor little guy has been limping around and trying his bestI'm ready for the button hook pattern Jack! over the past few days to keep up. Cate has been trying her best to irritate him in and outside and doesn’t quite get why she can’t tackle or run “Button hook patterns” with him (football fans know the pattern).

Minor injuries can sometimes create some major worries as the pups can’t really tell you what hurts or how bad the injury is. One thing is for sure, unlike us humans, they don’t exaggerate, hurt is hurt, happy is happy, living in the moment!

Cate says, Jack’s back, and just in time I might add, for us to practice for the big game, especially the snacks. We’re preparing with the other 5 Canadian RV’ers in our campground along with two chocolate labs and a bigon freezie or whatever she’s called, for the 96th Annual Grey Cup game in Canada this Sunday in Montreal,

“Go Stamps Go!!”

Calgary stampeders


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  1. And will each of you be watching on a DIFFERENT flat screen t.v.?? =)

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