Okay, you can gloat…..        times up.   Sometimes it’s better not to mention (or brag) about how great the weather is where you are ’cause things can change, and they did.   We’ve gone from 75 F to 25 F last night (24 to -2 C).  Yes Virginia, there was no snow, but walking the beach at midnight was chilly, just ask shakin’  Cate.

Ha, ha,  I have my coat from the winter weather in Kelowna,  but Cate doesn’t have a coat yet.  What’s that!?!,   they’re heading for the car to what?  Get the Australian hell raiser a new coat….  look, mines got frays on the side and some wear on the back, I could use an update ……….  wait for me!


One Response

  1. Hi
    Just got in to your blog and
    wanted to say hi.
    Liked the pictures tanks.
    Had snow last night, quite a bit .
    I will send pictures of the wedding and meg.
    love you h
    Aunt Helen

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