They came knocking…

We are lucky. Why, just the other post I was speaking of the great weather here. Now for the past couple of days it has been humid (90 +%) but warm and raining on and off. But still warm! Now last night we were notified at our door that we were in a tornado zone due to fluctuating weather and we should be ready to either 1: be ready to drive like Hell or 2: Hunker down and hold on within a moments notice.kenly_toronado

We had witnessed the formation of a tornado a couple of years ago in Ontario so we have great respect for weather. Waiting up until 6 am, when we were told the main weather would pass, I was ready to move if necessary. We later found the weather passed around us, except for heavy rain and wind but others were not so lucky 150 km north of us.

Here is a link to some information on storm results:


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad to hear the storm missed you. Tornadoes/Hurricanes and RVs are not a good mix.

    Linda Sand
    SKP class of ’08

  2. thank you for the well wishes…….. appreciate your concern.

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