Jack’s down, Jack’s down…..

Darn horses, I dig holes, I cover holes and I like holes but those horses that have been pooping Jack and Tracy just before the injury...on the beach for the past few days did me in this morning.  While continuing on my “wild and crazy” pursuit of Cate across the beach front, I apparently tripped over a really big horse hoof hole and twisted my “ankles” on my right paw.”

Jack doesn’t know he is double jointed in his front paws, just that they bend really funny.

Cate says,  I don’t think it is fair that he gets carried up and down the stairs and into the car and cuddled as if he was hurt or something…. it very well could have been me!  But I avoided the whole mess and ran right through a pile of….. you know, horse stuff.  All I needed was a shampoo and a dry..”

Just to let everyone know Jack is presently recovering with a few extra treats, warm blanket and protection from Cate who thinks she can still rumble while he recovers from his minor sprain, darn horses……


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