Attention Parrot Heads!

The ceiling at MargaritavilleWasting away again in Myrtle Beach, SC…….. Sounds familiar, or sort of.  Myrtle Beach isLove of my life!! one of about 8 locations where Jimmy Buffett, (leader of all Parrot Heads) has a restaurant and retail location.  Margaritaville is a ficticious location in your mind where you can leave your cares behind for a little while.

We have followed Jimmy and his career for about 30 years including Ewen’s 50th birthday party which was centered around the Margaritaville theme.  For those of you that weren’t there here is a little treat, in a hula skirt.  We even have a picture of Murray and Jack who celebrated with us in true Jimmy style.


Jack says, If Murray wasn’t so big I’m sure I would’ve wooed the crowd, but I did pretty good for begging I might add. Small has it’s advantages.”

If possible, we are going to try and “drop in” to as many Margaritaville locations on this trip as possible, Charleston, Orlando, Key West, New Orleans, Glendale AZ and Las Vegas.  We did hit the cafe here and enjoyed a Cheeseburger in Paradise along with a Lizard on the Run Margarita and a Landshark lager. As the trailer hitch says on our coach…..Yep, it's 5 oçlock somewhere

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…….. fins up!!

Need a good margarita receipe…………… here you go!!


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