Fear of commitment….and the 27th Annual Jack Monroe Beach Ride

Parrot Heads unite!So we had to make a decision. You know, one of those that are thrust upon you when you leastour street @ Pirateland expect it. This one involved, “Should we stay or should we go now?”, hummed to the music by the Clash….. Holding a meeting with the two of us and the pups as onlookers. 9 days and only 1 day of cloud, temps in the mid to upper 60’s (18-21C), sandy beach only 75 feet away, palm trees, 100 golf courses within 20 miles, under 1/3 of the campground filled and rates at 50% of summer rates, what to do, what to do?

Went for a walk around the park to further discuss this dilema and reached a concensus, what the hey,myrtle_horse_cart myrtle_horse_coupleanother week won’t hurt and besides this weekend they have the American Heart Association charity horse ride on the beach. Over 1500 riders take to the beach over 4 days to support and donate to the AHA. This is another of those must see to believe events!

By the way, as I write this it has started to rain…… a lot.


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