Tracy’s got a bike….

The park we are in does not allow motorcycles or scooters so we have had to leave the motorcycle on the lift at the back of the coach.   So how to get around??   Another addition to the “stuff” we “need” to get around.   Here it is,  a shiny new Mongoose XR-75 Mountain/road bike.   Heck, already assembled and everything.  The price was right and the accessories almost cost as much as the bike.

Now, how to attach it to the coach?  Of course!, buy another rack to mount it on the rear ladder and while we’re at it why not get another adapter to attach the step-ladder, that was attached at the back to the roof ladder.  Then of course there is the bicycle carrier to carry stuff and the front pouch to carry water and the new head light, ’cause you can’t ride around at night in this park without one, then there’s the new led taillight, the new helmet and the………..

Well you get it, Tracy’s got a bike!!Shiny new bike


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