My hole, my hole….

My holeSo my people took us to the beach in this place called, Myrtle Beach.  I was C'mon...c'mon hurry upenjoying practicing my heritage of digging a hole, you know, for no particular reason.  Getting the old paws right in there and throwing the sand as far as I could!    It was getting pretty deep I might add.   Who should appear and interfere but that little Australian pain in the paw……

His hole, yeah right!  He doesn’t own the beach, heck he doesn’t even own his collar.  I was just trying to help because I don’t really have any idea what it is I am supposed to do when he’s busy…..  I tried my own hole but as any entrepreneur will tell you,   it’s always easier and better to steal ideas then It's a bird??do it yourself, saves time.

Can’t believe all the birds here either……  never seen them before and if my people would just let me off the long string thing I bet I could get one Wanna play fetch???before it flapped away cause I’m fast!

Fast, I’ll show her fast….. I ran circles around these people and they wanted to play fetch,  I’m just irresistible, just hold Cate back so I can improve my standing …… look I think that fishing guy is asleep………..sleeping surf caster

These two talk smack but then when it comes to sleep, neither sand, nor heat nor tourists will stop them from a quick snooze..Sandy snoozeJack snooze


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  1. Enjoy visiting your blog. You make the trip more than interesting and even though we don’t have pets, if your two need babysitting and you’re anywhere near Corpus Christi please feel free to drop by. Jack and Cate seem like quite the characters. Safe travels and keep on writing.

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