The road is calling…..

Those people are headin’ out.  I think that it is time we hit the open road…..  I’m starting to get cabin coach fever.  Think I’ll start barking and yapping and maybe my people will get the idea that we should be on our way……..  What are you guys doing waving at me and making those hand signs.  Alright then it’s tomorrow we’re gonna go, I suppose I can wait but could I at least go “Aussie” once more??

Jack says, I agree Cate now that fuel is at an 8 month low (whatever that means) we can drive for miles and miles at the same price only around the block would have gotten us in July!

P.S. Gas is now $1.92 US/gal  and diesel is  $2.85 US/gal…


2 Responses

  1. Wow!! Just over a month ago Jack wrote ” I’m suppose to tell you Gas is $3.94 gal/ Diesel $3.99/gal”

    That is such insanity!! How can anyone budget. Good thing the price of beer doesn’t fluctuate that wildly or there’s be a whole lot more sorrow in the world.

    Happy trails to you all. Glad it’s getting a little less punishing on your credit card…

  2. Luckily, beer and wine are plentiful and economic this side of the border. Now if they could stabilize the Canadian dollar we’d be in great shape!!

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