Hallowe’en – smellowe’en

Yep, Cate and I had to endure a picture session so we could wish you a Happy Hallowe’en. We’re really not sure what Hallowe’en is but we like the candy and treats for free thing. The weather has been warm enough to bring out the great fall smells and so the tourists are starting to arrive and buzz around the campsite…. speaking about buzzing what’s a Blackhawk helicopter or F-18? My people keep talking about those things that are getting so close they are knocking the acorns out of the trees onto our house…….

I can’t speak for Jack but I still like the smells outside and especially the dried up grass Jack is standing on, matter of fact Jack did too! To top it off we have a picture sent to us by cousin Scooter the weiner dog, he’s really in the Hallowe’en spirit…………


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