Oh crap!…… Barack

In your day to day life their are moments or events that happen causing words to erupt like molten lava from an active Hawaiian volcano…. oh crap! (or insert your own words here..)

While watching the Barack Obama infomercial on TV last evening to update ourselves on the politics of the day here in the U.S., all AC power just goes out. No TV, no heaters, no coffee, no charging of the house or starting batteries and above all no supper.

As in the post from Oct. 24th we thought we had the immediate answer, not likely. Presently suffering through a flu and coughing up a lung every 5 minutes I pursued the problem with Tracy’s assistance. Google this and web search that but by 11 p.m. no further ahead except for narrowing the problem to the inverter/converter, we gave up for the evening and ran the furnace, fridge and hotwater on propane and 12 volt for the night.

Crack of dawn up, lung in hand, to start calling local RV dealers. Nope, don’t do electrical, nope don’t do warranty work and besides do you know what that inverter is worth, sir. Now when they use sir here it means the news can’t be good. $2,000 plus install and no we still don’t do warranty work.

Last but not least, a call to Fleetwood’s 1-800 help ‘ya line. Spoke to Candi who knows her stuff. Patiently she walks me through all the things we had already done in the dark and chilly night. Listening to her type in models, makes and solutions into her computer, one more thing says Candi, in desperation (I am sure), before we have to pack up, return the rental car and drive 200 miles to a warranty shop….. “There is a breaker on the back of your inverter, which you can’t see and if you feel around the back…….please turn off the power sir…… it may need resetting”, otherwise I will set you up an appointment with a dealer that ‘will’ help you.

That teeny, tiny pop out 30 amp breaker was the root of all evil. As we sit here in amazement watching the batteries charge, coffee drip, fridge freeze Candi gets an A+ and Barack, well, we’ll just have to watch him on Youtube! (with our newly charged laptop)


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