….. duck!

On our way to Williamsburg/Toano, Virginia last week, driving along minding our own business and …. DUCK!!! Before Tracy could say that word and trying to stay in her driving lane @ 65 mph in heavy traffic a tire, “sans” the rim, decided to leave the vehicle 50′ ahead and to the left of us and fly into our front grille. Only suffering minor rub marks and no windshield or undercarriage damage we began to think…..

What fate brought us to this point in that we weren’t on the motorcycle, there was no time to move left or right with semi’s and pickups crowding all lanes. We were lucky…

Jack has to comment, Being an admirer of tires and in particular ones that are not moving even Cate and I ran to the back of the coach in all that noise and only came out when we arrived here in Williamsburg…”

and from the web we submit the following for everyone’s information –

Those “new” tires of yours could be six-years old and ready to disintegrate. Tire rubber dries out after six years, but unlike in Europe and Asia, American companies are allowed to sell expired tires long after they turn into death donuts. An investigation found that the “new” tires on sale at Sears and Walmart can be up to 12-years old.



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