Us and Sarah Palin

Well it was just a matter of time before it happens….. politics and RV-ing meet head on. Take our trip to the Richmond Coliseum and the Renegades hockey club.  We have been lucky enough for the past two evenings to be the guest of brother Allan in his owner’s box to watch some good pro-hockey.  The Richmond Renegades have won one and lost one in this double header.  Fast paced hockey with lots of entertainment between periods on and off  the ice.

Even the mascot Boomer never takes a break but again I digress.  To the politics and Palin.  Tracy and I were honored to drop the puck at the opening face-off between Richmond and Fayetteville.  So off we go to ice level where Boomer and Allan awaited.  After the singing of the national anthems (Canada and US) the arena waited with bated breath as the puck hit the ice…. I think it’s been over 20 years since I dropped the puck at a game, but then I was being paid for it.  Now the politics here is that we didn’t get boo-ed, not once, nope only cheers and applause,  maybe the wrong people are runnin’ fer election?

Thanks for such a great time and great seats!

Here’s a link to professional photos of the game: (copy and paste it into your internet browsers address box)


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