Virginia is (in)famous for….. & other things

Virginia is the birthplace of eight US presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Munroe, Woodrow Wilson, William Henry Harrison, John Taylor and Zachary Taylor. Commanders in Chief John Paul Jones, Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson along with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, both native Virginians, led the most famous expedition in US history, from St. Louis to the Pacific coast (1804–6). Richard E. Byrd (1888–1957) was both an explorer of Antarctica and a pioneer aviator. Actors include Randolph Scott , Joseph Cotten, George C. Scott , Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty.

Musical performers Kathryn Elizabeth “Kate” Smith, Pearl Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald, June Carter , Roy Clark and Wayne Newton (who’d have known).

The most famous reply to a Santa Claus letter was penned in Virginia, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”.

Now the not so famous, ticks, ticks and ticks……did we say ticks. Here we are in famous Williamsburg, Virginia home of Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown near by and several other historical things, like Wal-marts and Costco’s that sell wine, liquor and Dominican cigars!

Arriving with an electrical problem that had caused the fridge, hotwater tank, washing machine and the Electronic Management system to fail to operate. Which in laymans terms means the fridge and hotwater tank had to operate purely on propane and the other electrical systems just didn’t work.

Calling around, we found that no one within 150 miles could even look at the problem. Thinking we had lost all our electronic boards that operate these things we were in a quandry as to stay or leave. Determined as ever we spent the first night in the KOA here until 2 am following all electrical leads, reading all the manuals and refusing to give in easliy.

Voilá, in one of the 7 electrical panels (which we spoke of in our September 4, 2008 posting) there was a 5 amp – 12 volt fuse that is installed upside down on purpose. This fuse had loosened in its holder over time and caused loss of 50 amp power to most of the coach. Within 5 minutes of locating what we thought was the cause everything was up and running properly, unbelievable, something so small could cause such grief.

The Class A motorhome is not like a van or car, you can’t just pull into any dealer and say change the oil and fix my electrical problem…… this was a great save for us!

Off tonight to the hockey opener in Richmond, Va at the coliseum to cheer on the home town Richmond Renegades! (Obama was at the coliseum the day we drove by, lots of traffic!)

Alright, alright Cate, I will tell them….. Gas is now $2.36 US gal and Diesel is $3.44 US gal…. now can we go get the rental car and cruise Williamsburg, there are several things that need our workmanship… By the way, do I still have to give up the chewie I found near the next door neighbours German Shepherd, she doesn’t know where it went”


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  1. Keep plugging along guys. The ticks should dissipate around North Carolina, we kinda know what you are going through when we traveled there it was problem time for Will our pup. We certainly are enjoying your stories and pictures. Stay dry and warm!

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