We could Harley believe it…..

Traveling through 4 states into the evening. Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. Final stop for the night being the parking lot of Camping World in Winchester, Va. This is what we call preparing for the Holy Grail of Rving….. the Wal-Mart of RV accessory stores. So if we stay in the lot overnight we can get in first thing in the morning!

Today we arrived at the Harley Davidson’s factory in York, PA and got the complete factory tour. If you ever get the chance and have any interest in motorcycling this tour is well worth it. Trying out the new 2009 models and picking up some souvenirs!

Then over to tour the Pfaltzgraff pottery factory in York, PA and qu’elle surprise! The factory and company that is over 150 years old has now been sold and production is now switched to China . They are still clearing out stock. Anyone who has bought Pfaltzgraff stoneware will know what a big disappointment that this is. Went to the Pfaltzgraff factory outlet store and picked up a few more items at great prices. If we had the room we would have re-stocked our entire stoneware dish sets at these prices!

A great way to end this day was a quick visit to Gettysburg, Va and the Culp Hill battlefield where one of the greatest battles took place. Gettysburg suffered the largest number of casualties in the American Civil War. Between 46,000 and 51,000 Americans were casualties in the three-day battle. We continue to learn so much about American history and most certainly enjoy the stories that are related at the historical sites and spoken in the local coffee shops.

On to Toano, Va and a visit with family and Richmond, home of brother Allan’s Richmond Renegade Hockey Team.



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