We have a bone to pick!

Cate opined, She did it, she did it!  Our people were driving along, and we were napping quite well when all of a sudden she exclaimed!,  “There it is, my fix is in!!  Kittery Prime Outlets here I come!”   It’s not bad enough that there wasn’t one Petcetera or Petsmart of major proportions….but several other boutiques/emporiums/outlets, whatever.., that obviously caught her attention, 120 to be exact!

Jack continued, So we, the 3 of us who didn’t wish to relate to the consumer driven, over promoted, ravaging crowds of people with money that need a place to be, leisurely strolled through the grasses of New Hampshire (the place of live free or die – not kidding)

We spent a few hours sniffing, and in Cate’s case, “yapping” at anyone who looked like someone who deserved her attention.  Hanging out in our home on wheels playing with Harold’s gift of my weiner dog doll and listening to Old Time Radio shows.  All of a sudden bags and bags appeared in the doorway with our shopping person attached to them smiling and obviously pleased with her hunting!

About the bone to pick thing, we feel that they could have at least named the place Canine Prime Outlets…. anyone out there listening?!? “


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