Traveling still takes its tolls……

Traveling from Bangor, Maine, through New Hampshire to our favourite type of campsite, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream & MacDonald’s rest area parking lot off I-90 near Boston, we find ourselves in beautiful Connecticut.  We have learned that each one of these states takes its “toll” on you.  So far approx. $20.50 US to get to Bozrah, Conn. and there’s more to go.

Kinda makes the Coquihalla connector look cheap.  People pay these types of tolls each day just to get to work, we are lucky……..yes we know they tore down the Coquihalla toll booths last week so we don’t even have a toll now between Kelowna and Vancouver but it was just a comparison.  We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving or Columbus Day together.  Tonight we are cooking our turkey and sharing some with Jack and Cate.

The fall leaves here are putting on quite the show with temperatures still around 60-65F (16-19C).  Snow in Saskatchewan??


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