Catching up…. King style

A few photos of the past days in PEI – red soil, potato harvest, water front and reconnecting with family.  Onto New Brunswick and into beautiful Maine where there is actually a web-page dedicated to fall foliage watcher’s. Right now is just the perfect time. Here’s the website:

At St. Stephen’s/Calais we were once again boarded by U.S. Border Agents who scared the living bejesus out of Cate, who immediately planted herself between my knees and lodged her head into the steering wheel. Nothing like a bit of levity to speed up the vehicle search (insert Cates head) but here we are – Staying at the Red Barn Campers Inn which is 6 miles east of Bangor, Maine and 40 miles from a very popular tourist spot called Bar Harbor.

For Tracy and of course all you Stephen King fans, we made a trek to his (red) house and private library, white house next door in Bangor.  Both built in the 1800’s.   Check out the gates and wrought iron work,  like the 3 headed dragon, around the house.

His new book(soft cover) is coming out October 21, 2008 – Duma Key!

Here’s the picture that Leslie posted but didn’t come out in comments….


One Response

  1. I think that is the photo Cate was born/hatched/growed to have taken of her. See how she used to practice? (I hope this works – if not, sorry for the mess!)

    It somehow epitomizes her “funny face-ness” that I so associate with her…Give her a hug from me.

    Funny about Duma Key – I’ve already bought and read it! It’s a good read, fyi. I guess Costco has an in with the King of Macabre…….

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