Shediac attack

What a view! Look at that bay! Look at that huge lobster!….. Look, we get a camping discount! All words we uttered while pulling into the Wishing Star campsite in Shediac, NB We decided to take an extra day here to clean up the coach and take in the ambiance of this quaint and welcoming seaside town.

The owners were quick to point out the view of the bay and explain where we could go to see the sites. Although most tourist attractions were closed for the season we walked the main street and located our main goal. A seafood wholesaler! Lobster it is, as we picked up a few and with all our other groceries walked back to the site.

Jack and Cate were allowed to meet these crustaceans and Jack found them quite interesting. However Cate was a bit more standoffish and didn’t stop barking and growling until the lobsters were consumed, a piece of which she gingerly shared.

Today we left Shediac and headed over the Confederation Bridge to PEI in what some might call a “bit of a breeze”. 40 mph winds sent the coach on a 4 or 5 degree list most of the way over and silly us thought we could use our wiper blades…..not! The blades didn’t even touch the windshield, the winds kept them off the glass.

Having been up to the northern tip and had one of a few planned visits with our Aunt in Alberton we have set up near the Confederation Bridge in Borden-Carleton, we are again in search of the elusive fish wholesaler for yet another feed of lobster…

PS – Belinda, we have delivered the mail, 5 weeks later but we did deliver it!


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