Molly and friends

Cate says ….Through the winding, bumpy and interesting roads off of Hwy. 2 s/e of Edmundston NB, we found my peoples’ friends Don and Trixie at their little coffee shop in Plaster Rock.  We arrived in the small community and met friendly people.  We were fed treats, enjoyed a blazing campfire and even, for a brief period, allowed to forget the long travels on the couches in our coach.  Even learned a thing or two about making quick acquaintances and accepting the ‘other female dog’, you know, a collie named Molly.

Personally I can out bark her any day, and I know I can out run her that’s for sure!

Jack adds,  I keep on telling Cate that looks are not going to carry her past her first 3 or 4 years.  She will eventually have to become calm, cool and carry personal items such as a dolly up to these people in order to obtain affection and tasty treats.  Constantly screaming at that cute female Molly isn’t winning any points and just got her put on a shorter leash while I was free to go about my work as a retriever of treats called, I believe, “Here Jack’s” .   You know, here Jack have this and here Jack take this….”

We left the metropolis of Plaster Rock the next morning after some wonderful sniffs while my people ate, by my account, a great feed of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast and coffee cooked by Trixie at her little shop with accompanying stories by the people called Don, Debbie, Boyd and Dennis.   I gotta tell you if I was 4 years younger and about 10″ taller I would have stayed and kept Molly company……”

Regardless of what these two say we have made some more great friends in such a short time.  Thank you for the wonderful time to all and especially Don and Trixie and the corporate car!


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