OOOppps…… Excuse moi

So we made it here to Grand Falls, N.B. and laundry it is. From Ottawa, a quick stop in Montreal to visit with Diane and Elisabeth. Sorry we missed Eric and Paul. It was quite the operation just to find a place to park this thing near the Montreal Island, thanks to Diane’s persistence and a construction area we got in a quick visit.

Jack says, You have to inspect all these people and their vehicles in the name of National Security and possible treats that the young people may have dropped…..I refer to last week’s Yorkie incident.

We kept good time and continued on into the evening until we reached Edmunston NB around 2 am local time. Parking in the back of a shopping lot with a view. Heavy winds in the village but we had a great rest. In the morning walking around the lot we realized we weren’t supposed to be there….. oopps! Looking for a place to do some laundry as our poor washer/dryer in the coach wouldn’t be able to keep up with the loads we had I stopped and talked to two mounties in broken french. “Laundrette” I asked and he replied, “We are RCMP we don’t know where the laundry is….” I leave it at that.

The fall has hit full tilt here with morning temps in the -2 C (30F) range. The leaves are beautiful and we are taking full advantage of the scenery. In an attempt to find a parking spot to do laundry in Grand Falls, we sort of have taken up, well, all of the parking, but we will be out of here soon and off to Plaster Rock, NB and a quick visit with Don and Trixie at Don’s coffee stop.


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  1. It was great to see the four of you! Elisabeth couldn’t stop talking about Jack & the trip to the toilet on the “bus”. Erich loved seeing a picture of Jack in the car! 🙂 Safe travels!

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