King of the Hill…..and Sparta

We had a chance today to do a tour of Parliament Hill with Rob.  We also visited the Fallen Officers Memorial for police and enforcement agents of Canada.  It has been a while since we have had the chance to see this beautiful city, the Rideau Canal, NCC Parkway and of course Adrienne’s work place, thank you guys.

The weather has been iffy with well below seasonal normals of 5 C (41F).  The sun peaked its head out today but not for long.  On our way up to our campground off Banks Road we passed Manotick, Ont.  Now call this coincidence but our neighbours from Kelowna, 5 doors down sold their home the same time we did and now live somewhere in Manotick.  Small world don’t you think?

We also have been visiting with family from Russell, Ontario 10 minutes east.  Lots of stories for sure but we will leave them until another day (right Bonita and Donna)….. oh and about Sparta.  There is a little village just s/e of London called Sparta where you get the best candles and things you would never find elsewhere souvenirs.  We managed to drop by and replace the candles we started out with that slowly melted into each other while stored in the cabinets over the summer in Kelowna, my favourite is Spartaberry. (they ship!  )

P.S.  You may want to check out our Weird Things page to read about the Cat man of Parliament Hill……..


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