Size is supposed to matter…

Cate says, “Here is my dilemma, there are books written about these big touristy places we go to, big cars, big bones, big tents…well you get it. So I was thinking as we passed the biggest spare tire Jack could have ever wished to pee on in Detroit, what’s the “Big Deal”?    I figure the good lord has given me this size to make the best of…..

For example, as my people try to get me into the big bus to leave what is my favourite sniff place at that very moment I am small enough to hide under the BIG bus, take that! Or if there is a hole in a field that I can get into, I do. Heck how was I to know what’s down there if a girl doesn’t look? No lab or shepherd can match that. When Jack has one of his “Jack moments” it is unbelievable how small you can get behind a chair or couch.

As a final note when Jack and I show up guess who gets the Biggest attention and the Biggest treat for being the smallest…..” So size does matter, just my thoughts……


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