Owweeee…. and a little roadside dining

So the new windshield is in place but it looked like a big band-aid on the front held in place by massive straps. Tomorrow we’re hoping that the final repairs will be done and we’re down the road.

We’ve been asked about the biggest unit sitting in the lot with us so here is a picture of a 45 foot tag axle (second rear axle) American Eagle towing a Jeep Cherokee ……………

Jack says, Wouldn’t you think it quite insulting if you were given your breakfast while parked at the roadside? I guess when you’re on the road, eating at the side of it is not a biggie. Fresh air does sharpen the appetite! I’m thinking the 4:45 wake up calls cause a guy to rethink this travel gig……….Of course Cate is up and ready to go, goody four paws. She’s gonna slow down eventually, right?


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