Pulled and pork

Cate says, ’bout time I did write or say something. Lately I have been moping around about the mundane food Jack and I have to put up with. Well to my surprise tonight I underwent a taste sensation! My people were talking to us in their words you know, something, something, Cate and Jack, something, something, pulled pork. Whatever pork is I guess they must have tugged on the meat they called pork before they gave it to us. A truly gastronomic experience I must say.

We were also enjoying the sunny, hot day chasing butercups flutterbyes, flipertips, butterflies in a soya bean field when Jack, stumbled upon this big hole. Well I had his back and my people again yelled something, something, fox, big stinky, something. Well this dog thing smelt worse than the slippers I borrow at night time from my people to sleep with, medicinal sleep aid you understand…..

I did show Jack how to exit gracefully from the area…I ran like heck with Jack running in circles trying to figure out what to do……blondes!


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