Sights, sounds, shopping…..

Coming back from Fort Wayne, Ind. we got a phone call and we have been informed that Fleetwood will be installing a new windshield in the coach Monday as the wiper arm put some minor scratches in it from last Sunday’s storm. This process, according to our factory tour, takes 5 people to lift and set in place and 24 hours to cure. Guess we will be sleeping in their maintenance facility lot Monday night as the coach can’t move for the adhesives and sealants to set. Guess that rock chip from Sask. really didn’t matter. It’s that irony thing catching up……. Also apparently they can attend to other issues while this is being done to save any further delays.

These repairs might seem onerous to some but we have come to the conclusion that this is why we are here and better now than later. No better place to get things done, don’t you think?

We also found a store, okay Tracy found this store called Menard’s. It is a cross between Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Rona, Staples, K-Mart. With all construction materials, plumbing, tools, clothes, food, candy lots of candy. Yes even Christmas decorations with a parking lot that can accommodate enough cars for a major NFL game.

For those of you following the weather we finally have reached 82 F (28 C) and it is impressive. The corn fields here are ready for harvesting. This afternoon we are traveling to Berne Ind. to visit Amish farms and a place that resembles Berne, Switzerland from where a lot of the local people have roots.

Jack says, Again with the fuel thing, I’m suppose to tell you Gas is $3.94 gal/ Diesel $3.99/gal, but in conversion to our gallons this is $1.02 per litre gas/$4.66 per gallon Cdn. Diesel $1.036 per litre/$4.715 per gallon Cdn. Can we go for a walk now?!?


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