Parts, service and patience….

We thought 3 days was wishful here for repairs.  Let’s see, repair leaking storage compartments, replace windshield wiper, repair fresh water inlet, window blinds,……… now with further investigation the brake lights which, as 6 individual units, started to blink like Christmas lights.  We have now been informed we will be here in their holding area until at least Wednesday, September 24th waiting for parts and service.  So we will be living in a rental car by day and more 4:45 am wake up calls, as their repair facility starts at 6am.

But today Fleetwood sent us off to Fort Wayne, 35 miles north to another repair facility for the main chassis service.  As our luck would have it, once they put it on the lift found that the cooling fan motor for the very big radiator had fallen loose of the mounting brackets.  So we are going back again tomorrow, Friday, for that repair which will take most of the day.   The needed part is being flown in by Spartan chassis and it wasn’t on the original work list, but hey, we consider ourself lucky that it was found accidentally instead of being stranded somewhere from nowhere……..

We have also learned what a Hoosier is, and I thought it had something to do with socks!


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