Just the factory, ma’am

Taking up on the invitation to take a tour of the Fleetwood Class A Diesel manufacturing plant.  They were on a two week shut down and this gave us access to the most interesting areas of the factory.  This is the same factory where our coach was built in April this year………


Of course what would a tour be without a final tour of a coach priced around $1,000,000.00

The best comment overheard on the tour was a fellow that said, “This kitchen in this coach looks like ours but the only thing that we make in our kitchen is reservations!”


2 Responses

  1. I’m going to wager a guess that this week this coach is worth considerably less than $1m. Or at least, the sticker price is reduced, if not the value…

    Places like these are going to be hurting!

  2. You would think, but believe it or not Fleetwood doesn’t make a coach until it has been purchased either by the dealer or custom ordered by a customer….. This one was customed ordered.
    They informed us the economy has slowed the industry but not stopped it. As we run into people on the road, and there are a lot more than the media would portray, it is a lifestyle rather than an economic decision.

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