Rain, rain go away….flood again some other day!

So anyone who knows us knows why we don’t buy lottery tickets. What are the chances of only 3 full days of sunshine in 3 weeks of travel. Having experienced 3 seasons including snow all we need is spring again… (Hurricanes not included….)

Hurricane Ike or the remnants thereof, hit us yesterday causing us to travel for hours at about 10 mph through the flooded highways south of Chicago….

We are finally here in Decatur, Ind. awaiting our 5 am wake up call for the next 3 days as Fleetwood works on the coach. We have rented a car so we can leave the coach at 6 am for each day and do the domestic things like laundry, pickup staples and of course– Premium Outlet Malls!

We discovered a few weird things, see that page for one that stumped us too. The past two nights have been spent at major truck stops where there have been upwards of 150 plus trucks idling overnight, quite the site. Fuel prices are going wild here as there we are assuming, and the pups are weathering it well to add a pun…. :o)


2 Responses

  1. I’m ordering Cate one of these:

    I think the red would look nice on her, don’t you think?

    Where shall I send it? 🙂

  2. After her experience with swimming or as we called them “flailing lessons” we certainly appreciate your observation and thoughtfulness…..plus adding a smile to our blog!


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