Hear we sit……..

Wouldn’t you know that luck would bring us to a truck stop near Oseoooooo… (sp) Wisconsin to get some internet connection. Let’s see, after driving past hundreds of acres of sunflowers bowing to the sunset in North Dakota we now know where Spitz gets their seeds!

Didn't they make a movie about this place??
Didn’t they make a movie about this place??

We have now arranged for spa treatment of the coach at Fleetwood in Decatur Indiana. 3 days of seeing the sites in the area I would guess for us. They start at 6 am each day so guess we’re up at 4:30 am. At least we can stay in the coach at night.

Staying last night in Walnut Grove, Minnesota we awoke to the dulcet tones of the crack of rifle fire as hunting season is being practiced just metres away from the KOA grounds. For a moment at 5:30 am we thought we were under attack……

Driving through St. Paul’, (apparently the home of the Democratic National Convention) we experienced what some would call an oh s*&t minute as, in heavy rains, our passenger side wiper blade and support disappeared down the freeway. Now this thing is attached by two screws, must have been missed by quality control. Tracy has said that Fleetwood has called and they want their coach back….:o)

We celebrated a birthday on the road yesterday as Cate turned 1 and she had a ruff day so to speak. Think all this driving to get to Indiana is making the crew a bit motion sick. But she managed to eat her canned food BD cake and Jack growled and howled his way through the Happy Birthday song. Delphine and Dale are next!

One more thing, when you aren’t used to all the Prime Outlet shopping malls and have a Jones happening for discount designer items then it is not good to be driving a bus sized vehicle and looking at the stores, we found you tend to wander in your lane……eh Tracy!


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  1. Well Jack and Cate seems like you are enjoying your travels and keeping your peeps well in hand (wink wink) Glad to see you are keeping all of us posted on your adventures.
    Keep us the good work!!!!!!

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