Corner gas and dash…….

So Jack and I are sniffing around here in our campground in North Dakota reviewing the past few days driving.  We experienced an impromptu tour or Dog River, Sask (Rouleau) and the Corner Gas T.V. set along with their police station, Foo Mar  t, Dog River Howler and the inevitable souvenirs that go with it.  It was actually more fun watching the tourists walk and talk while we were sitting on the stoop of the Dog River Police station having an ice cream and our people had what they called a coffee break.

We got to witness plains buffalo and some beefalo being herded by some show off collies and a real cowpoke.  The day started off with heavy rain so no better time to watch them wash off the windshield and the bugs.  Big bugs!!  They seem to breed big Grasshoppers.   We also suffered a few losses.  Our first rock chip in that big panoramic windshield, one of the ratchet straps holding the motorcycle in place disappeared off the back due to the rough roads.  We know where Saskatchewan got their football team name from.  Riding these highways!

Awful friendly though.  While backing up in Estevan a fellow walked out into traffic and stopped cars while we repositioned our coach.  He walked away before we could thank him.  While our people were putting on a new ratchet strap at Canadian Tire in Estevan a fellow came up and offered to help fix whatever as he saw us working and thought we might need something.  I thought of suggesting a walk but no luck.  There is still something to be said about the people living on the prairie.

While waiting for inspection at North Portal US Customs we were watching transport trucks being x-rayed.  Quite the thing to see.  For the first time ever we had to get out and Jack and I suffered the indignity of being held off the ground as our coach was inspected inside and out.  I checked after and my bones were still there though!  Thank goodness they cleaned out the veggies, meat and fruit last night……..  now on to St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota…. a long 500 miles tomorrow!!


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