Little bus on the prairie.. the aka post

Picture this, so many bugs/grasshoppers hit the windshield within a 5 km stretch that you have to stop and clean it off so we can see again.  Or having lunch beside the world’s largest teepee or seeing Canada’s second largest french fry plant (McCain’s of course).  Or Canada’s largest sugar beet refinery (Rogers sugar)  All in a days travel from Lethbridge to Swift Current, Sask. (aka: speedy creek).        

Marilyn now has a brighter future with brighter bulbs and hypnotist son (our nephew) Bill ( treated us to a ride around in his convertible concluding with supper at “Escape to the Cookhouse”.  This was actually the first full day of sun we have experienced since hitting the road two weeks ago. 

Off to Rouleau, Sask. tomorrow, the home of (aka: .  Officially Corner Gas shot the last season this month so we are off to see the set, buy the T-shirt and coffee mug at Ruby’s and toast all of you that are supporting us in spirit and well wishes.

As Brent Butt once said,  that it is so flat here in Saskatchewan that we can sit here at our campsite and watch the dog run away for two days.

Jack and Cate are busy getting the complete fur brushing tonight so they were unavailable for comment.



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