Coffee and a crossword……

Here I am, sitting watching awnings flap like flags, frost on the motorcycle, rig workers smoking like chimneys outside their trailers…they call this place Calgary. Well this weather isn’t fit even for Cate and me to wander around in, another reason not to wander is the coyotes howling at night just over the hill complaining about it! Hence we are setting new records for outside evening pee breaks…. you never know when they might get a bit closer.

It’s harvest season here with the combines and swather’s cutting down the wheat and rye ready for bread and stuff. (like filler in our pet food)

We’re here in a dude ranch called Symons Valley and lots of room to run even in the corrals. Not 1 km away there is a new subdivision being built and we are still 20 km from downtown. The dump trucks out front are non-stop from 6am-10 pm. I wonder if this RV park will still be here in a year or two?

A few visits with family today and then one more night and we’re off to Lethbridge, the wind tunnel of southern Alberta.

I’m supposed to tell you that gas is $1.33/litre and diesel is $1.24/litre


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  1. That is soooooo cute. It was so great to see you guys. Brian sincerely wished he could have been there, but hopes to meet you in, hopefully, not too far in the future. I’ve tried to discourage him, but he insists…:)
    Love you guys!

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