The winds of change….

So now we are out of the house and into the condo. Apparently if you move household items from one residence to another they don’t just put themselves where they are supposed to be. Nothing hangs itself up or prepares itself for storage. So now we have a couple of days to “sort out” what’s not found a home yet and then gonzo.

Here sits our home on wheels waiting for the order to head on down the road and hidden behind it next the the creek is the Ford Escape and trailer (you can’t see) and the truck that both worked so hard to move us along. They now get to rest for a while and they have earned their keep.

On a Cate and Jack note, they have started to enjoy the creek next to the Condo and Cate is retrieving rocks from the bottom, as long as she can still stay firmly planted on all fours. Hazy today but +25 at 9:30 am. in Peachland


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  1. So here you all go. It just seems like a week ago we were talking about you starting to get things “rolling” so to speak. We know we will hear from you along the way but please take good care of each other and your brood.

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