Inspecting the site…….. but losing the view.

So there is something to this opposable thumb thing. I tried to write my notes and here is a sample:



[pkfghkji[ . adsfldfoiÓ’JRETERQRTJQAP9UÁA’90UIR

So as you can see I will have to stick to some type of narration but I can still review the posts.

I saw my people signing some papers today and then rejoicing with a couple of glasses of bottled happiness they call it.

So I guess I lose my big back yard and this view…..but I think of all the new sniffs along the way, and friends we have yet to make or meet. Coupla nights at the condo in Peachland and I hear we are going to ride a floating bed down the Penticton river channel next week with Aunt Trudy. As long as I don’t have to swim………..fine by me. Thanks for all the emails and notes, it’s great hearing from everyone!

Six more sleeps……….


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