All Hail Penticton…….


Another shake down trip to the south Okanagan this time to see our nephew   A famous hypnotist who was performing at the annual Peachfest in Penticton. Problem was that the weather turned from +30 Celsius into wind, hail, sleet during the performance.

As Cate is still in training………

Cate says: Wait a minute! When you’re only 15″ high it gets pretty scary when the locals start running for cover and screaming and yelling. Heck Jack even shared the lap of some unsuspecting fellow in a wheel chair. I wasn’t scared at all……

Jack says: Yeah right Cate. You ran in so many circles that you tied up “our people” and almost tripped them. Besides the fellows lap was open and quite comfy and he didn’t mind me sharing it.

Alright you two it doesn’t matter the fact is we made the trip to see our nephew and sister. Except for the rain Penticton was beautiful and so was the time spent there………

Cate and Jack say: 16 more sleeps till we hit the road…..


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