Preparations, preparations….where’s the fun in that?

Jack and I were wondering why all the fuss over getting things just right? After all isn’t this supposed to be a learning experience? You know one of those, if you forget it, it will have to be bought sort of deals?

Watching my people (yes, that’s what Jack and I will call them) while watching my people loading and unloading, washing and waxing, wiring and stacking cupboards I did enjoy the setting up the satellite dish so that Jack and I could watch my favourite program, The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic. After this exhausting feat, I felt it necessary to have a nap and of course Jack agreed, besides it’s been 35+ celsius for the past 3 days in this “Sunny Okanagan” and I just know this is going to play havoc with my plans to take my people out for a drag, run, slow canter later tonight, I just know it!

Wiring, wiring, wiring


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